Research in Motion is reportedly looking at ways of getting around one of the major downsides of its BlackBerry platform: the limited app catalog. Rumors that the company is working on some sort of Android app support for its QNX-based PlayBook tablet have been circulating online for months, but recently a rep seems to have confirmed it while mentioning – in video – that the device will support Android apps using the "the Dalvik engine on top of QNX."

Dalvik is an open-source virtual machine that the Android OS uses for processing. If BlackBerry's tablet does end up using Dalvik, it would gain access to the second-largest mobile development ecosystem, which might be just the thing it needs to ensure more people jump aboard the PlayBook bandwagon when it arrives.

Unfortunately, we don't know who the narrator in the video is or if he's simply echoing back rumors that have been posted online. Either way, we're watching this rumor develop with interest as the tablet competition heats up.