With various manufacturers shipping Brazos-based Mini-ITX HTPC motherboards, AMD's new platform was bound to be offered in a more complete package. It seems Zotac has done the honors, announcing one of the first compact barebones systems powered by AMD's E-series Accelerated Processing Unit (APU). The new Zbox AD02 comes in two versions and is outfitted with the 1.6GHz dual-core E-350 APU.

The E-350 has an on-die Radeon HD 6310 graphics core and there's no mention of a PCIe x16 slot for expansion cards. The AD02 has two DDR3-1066 SODIMM slots and room for one 2.5-inch storage drive. Connectivity includes four USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI and DVI-I-out (VGA with included adapter), a 6-in-1 card reader, Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and 7.1-channel audio with optical S/PDIF.

Meanwhile, if you don't want to buy the RAM and storage separately, Zotac offers the Zbox AD02 Plus with 2GB of memory and a 250GB HDD. Neither product page seems to mention pricing or availability, but for reference, the CULV SU2300/Ion-powered Zbox HD-ND22 is currently available for $270. You can compare Fusion's performance to the Intel/Nvidia competition with our Asus E35M1-M Pro review.