Last week Epic and Dice gave gamers and developers a first glimpse at what their respective engines are capable of. Now, Crysis developer Crytek has revealed a video footage showing of their very own CryEngine 3, together with news that eleven titles are currently being developed using the technology. Crytek didn't go into details but apparently there are at least 4 CryEngine 3 MMORPGs under development and some of the upcoming titles are not intended for the U.S.

The video below briefly shows off some of the upcoming titles in development as well as a technology showcase for 'CryEngine 3 Sandbox for Cinema', which powers their cut-scenes and is being pitched to movie studios, featuring stuff such as live sync with Maya, integrated image-based lighting, and various camera effects rendered in real time.

News that Crysis 2 will be released with only DirectX 9 support at launch has caused some discontent among gamers and left many wondering if the game will even live up the visual quality of its predecessor. Until full DirectX 11 support arrives we won't know for sure, but for now developers looking play around with CryEngine 3 can hit and apply for an evaluation version of the software. A free version of CryEngine 3 will be out this summer.