Back in December 2008, Apple removed an app called iBoobs from its App Store. Now the app that allows you to literally shake the breasts of various female avatars has returned... on the Android Marketplace.

Android 2.1 or above is required. The three-minute video below is courtesy of Daily Mobile:

The Android app still has all the options of the iOS release. There are two flavors: a paid version for $2.00 and a free Lite version. Improvements in the Android release include 15 achievements to unlock (no, we're not kidding), touchscreen support, and statistics tracking.

The app's developer, Mystic Game Development, insists that Google understands boobs, as well as the freedom that app producers and app consumers want:

We recently decided to do an experiment and create iBoobs for Android, which is now currently available in the Android app market store. We think the fact that it is available on Android does show that the Android platform offers more flexibility and is more open-minded to app developers.

Two years ago, Apple cracked down on adult-themed iOS apps, removing hundreds of them from the App Store and rejecting new submissions. Do you agree with Google's strategy of being more accepting or Apple's closed system?