38-year-old Stephen Andreassen ended a relationship with 36-year-old Rebecca Pattinson, and immediately started creating websites to insult, embarrass, and terrorize her. Andreassen was apparently annoyed that Pattinson said no when he asked her to look at an apartment together after four weeks of dating, so he created up to 35 blogs to get back at her.

Pattinson has been given counselling because of her ordeal and now drives everywhere in case she bumps into Andreassen in the street. "I fear that Stephen will never stop and I can't understand why he is doing this," she told The Telegraph.

After the breakup, Andreassen began bombarding her with calls, e-mails, texts, and Facebook messages begging to be taken back. Pattinson reacted by threatening to call the police, removing all her contact details from her online profiles, and deactivating her Facebook account. Andreassen then set up a series of blogs, posting messages to warn all men about her and listing links to his other websites giving his account of their affair.

At that point, which was sometime last year, he avoided jail by admitting harassment. Instead, he was served with a lifetime restraining order and banned from mentioning Pattinson on any website. Two months later, he was arrested again after he posted another entry on his blog detailing the court case and calling her a liar as well as a sociopath. He was spared a prison sentence once more.

Andreassen went further downhill after he set up a new obsessive website with various pages, including sections labeled The Relationship, My Story, and Court Appearance. He then booked into a hotel in Scotland where he attempted to commit suicide by taking 200 sleeping tablets. Andreassen has finally been jailed for 18 weeks after admitting he violated the restraining order.