Sony has released a new firmware update for its PlayStation 3 console that brings a couple of new things to the table. The big one, although available only to paying PlayStation Plus subscribers, is the addition of a remote save feature that gives users 150MB of space to play with, for a maximum of 1,000 game saves which can be accessed from any PS3.

The firmware update, version 3.60, also introduces the ability for users to configure the timeout settings for when controllers switch themselves off during inactivity. But perhaps the most notable change, at least for those following the PS3 hacking saga, is that the latest update completely secures the console against those gaining unofficial access.

Sony makes no actual mention of this in its release notes, but the creator of the PS3 jailbreak 'PSFreedom' reckons the latest update has rectified Sony's previous "epic fails" with an "epic save". According to Youness Alaoui (KaKaRoToKS), Sony has found a way to secure the system without the need of the METLDR root key, which was posted online by fellow hacker Geohot. He added that the console may still be susceptible to hacks, but anyone attempting to do so will have to start from square one. He also assured its Twitter followers that he had no interest in re-hacking the PS3 himself.