iPhone developer and hacker Comex has managed to jailbreak the Apple iPad 2. It is not yet clear when he or someone else will have the jailbreak available for everyone.

Nevertheless, as you can see in the video below, Comex has managed to get Cydia running on an iPad 2. It was only a matter of time before we saw Apple's latest device running iOS 4.3 without all the security. The hack, which Comex performed remotely, requires a brand new exploit since previous security flaws have been closed in iOS 4.3.

Here are a few relevant tweets in regards to Comex's achievement on Twitter:

chpwn by @comex: https://t.co/osP6lzu
@iphone_dev: Congrats to @comex for jailbreaking yet another brand new device (iPad2) while 2500 miles away from it!
would've had it yesterday if I didn't have to spend 1.5 days looking for a replacement exploit (which came from a most unexpected place...)
@GUnitJC No, it will take some work to package it into a jailbreak. Same deal as i0n1c.

Are you more or less likely to get an iPad 2 now that you have confirmation the jailbreak community is going to have your back for Apple's second-generation tablet?