We already have a good idea of what the first wave of AMD's FX-series processors is going to look like thanks to a handful of recent leaks. Now, X-bit labs has apparently gotten hold of the preliminary details for AMD's performance-mainstream A-series (codenamed "Llano") complete with model numbers and specifications.

According to the report the initial lineup will debut in July with five A-series models. The A8-3550P and A8-3550 (without the P) are both quad-core parts in standard and lower voltage variants – 100W and 65W TDP, respectively. The A6 series follows a similar pattern with the A6-3450P and A6-3450, while the dual-core A4-3350 will be available in a single 65W TDP variant. These chips will be joined later in the third quarter by a lower-end 65W dual-core, while a minor refresh in Q4 2011 will add 5 more APUs, presumably bringing a minor speed bump.

The A8 models represent the fully unlocked Llano APU with 4 "Husky" x86 cores and a "BeaverCreek" graphics core – branded Radeon HD 6550 – featuring 400 stream processors clocked at 594MHz. Each x86 core contains 1MB L2 cache for a total of 4MB, and like Propus, Llano completely eliminates L3 cache.

The A6 models are essentially the same on the CPU side but the graphics core – branded Radeon HD 6530 – brings the stream processor count down to 320 and core clock to 443MHz. And lastly, dual-core A4 processors are limited to 2MB L2 cache and feature the "WinterPark" (160 stream processors) integrated graphics engine as the Radeon HD 6410.

The chips will support dual-channel DDR3 1866MHz memory and may also feature AMD Turbo Core dynamic acceleration technology as well as multi-GPU graphics support. So far those details aren't available, though, and unfortunately neither are any specifics regarding clock speeds or price. If the latest rumors are correct, we can expect the A-series to go against Intel's Sandy Bridge-based Core i3s in mainstream $600 - $700 systems.