Mozilla has released Firefox 4 Release Candidate for Android and Maemo. You can get the new version from the Android Market to test on your Android device or go to to get it in on your Nokia Maemo device. The new build is available in more than 10 languages on a list of supported devices.

"This release offers faster scrolling, better responsiveness with Firefox Sync and improves the overall user experience of Firefox," a Mozilla spokesperson said in a statement. "Firefox 4 for Android and Maemo brings the performance and customization of Firefox to mobile devices with features like Firefox Sync, Awesome Screen, tabbed browsing and Firefox Add-ons, to create a personalized and effortless mobile browsing experience." The video below gives shows you a closer look of what's new:

In the last beta, Mozilla noted that its Mobile Add-ons Gallery offered more than 100 add-ons to customize the features, functionality, and look of Firefox for mobile. This number has not grown very much since.

To contact Mozilla with suggestions, tap Give Feedback on the Firefox for mobile Start page. For more information on this new build, check out the release notes for a full list of features, updates, and improvements included in this release.