BitTorrent has announced that it has partnered with its first author. That's right: the company wants to make sure its platform can be used for legally distributing books too.

Megan Lisa Jones has decided to distribute her book Captive via BitTorrent. The book is a psychological thriller with a very timely storyline of political intrigue amidst terrorism and captivity. You can download the torrent for free from You can also install the app in BitTorrent's App Studio. To buy a physical copy and read some reviews, check out Amazon.

BitTorrent has been working hard over the past six months to convince filmmakers and musicians to spotlight their content on its new community. The goal is to experiment with different technologies, programs, and platforms to help artists connect directly with users. Last month, the company partnered with Khan Academy to offer educational videos via the platform.

The idea of adding books came after App Studio users told the company that they were consuming them on their tablets and e-readers, so the company moved to get the content creators involved. Books aren't very large downloads, so we don't see them becoming particularly popular on BitTorrent, but they will definitely fill a niche demand.

"One of the things we really like about Megan is her adroit understanding of technology," a BitTorrent spokesperson said in a statement. "She gets the fundamental technological benefits of BitTorrent - how files can be downloaded ultra-fast. She also believes that publishers must embrace technology and the Internet audience, and work with it. We applaud her decision to help us continue with our experiments and blaze a new digital trail for authors."