For some reason, it's always fascinated me to see how other folks maintain their operating system's desktop. Although most of us keep our virtual workspace somewhere along the lines of "messy but functional," we add personal touches with custom wallpapers, skins, icons, as well as extensions and gadgets. Unfortunately, Googling something like "screensavers" usually returns low quality sites, so it can be tough to find the gems out there.

With that in mind, we thought it'd be cool if you shared your desktop's looks along with your favorite resources for related enhancements. I dislike bright themes so I run Windows Aero as dark as possible along with over a hundred 1080p space wallpapers (mostly collected via InterfaceLIFT and Wallbase) rotating every 30 minutes (a native feature of Windows 7). Feel free to use our image gallery if you want to upload a screenshot of your desktop.