Quirky is a community of inventors and product makers where users can vote on new inventions based on their merit. Product ideas are promoted through stages from prototype to marketing, receiving input from the community along the way.

One such product is the Pivot Power, a flexible power strip with jointed sections that rotate around one another to accommodate six outlets. The caterpillar-like design, invented by Jake Zien, means the product can be completely put to use. Six outlets means six outlets.

The power strip has just started shipping, but Quirky says it has a limited supply and anticipates selling out quickly. If you preordered the Pivot Power (the original price back in June 2010 was $23), check your email, log in to your Quirky account, and complete your order.

Quirky says it is aiming to honor completed commitments first. All other orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis. You can (try to) buy the Pivot Power now from Quirky.com for $30, but you'll probably have to do more than just cross your fingers.

The Pivot Power has 672 Joules of rock-solid surge protection. It is approved for use in the US and Canada. Future versions are planned for a wider international release, but no timeframe has been set yet.

This is one of those designs that we wish every single manufacturer adopted. Imagine if every power strip you ever purchased from now on actually gave you access to all the outlets it has. Maybe that is just too much to ask for.