HP has expanded its PC peripheral line today, introducing the world's first Wi-Fi mouse. Generically called the "HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse," the device reduces clutter by connecting to a computer through its Wi-Fi receiver. In addition to shedding the cable bound to wired mice, it also scraps the USB dongle associated with competing wireless models that use infrared or Bluetooth technology. In other words, you won't have to fiddle with messy cables or worry about losing your wireless receiver, and you'll gain a USB port in the process.

What's more, HP says its offering provides up to nine months of battery life, supposedly two times more than comparable Bluetooth models. That seems like a bold claim, but we'll have to take their word for now. The laser mouse features a four-way scroll wheel and five customizable buttons that can be configured to perform common actions such as cut, paste, undo and redo – though this functionality is available to anyone with software like AutoHotkey. HP opted for an ambidextrous profile with a grippy rubber coating on both sides.

The system builder announced six other wireless peripherals that don't use Wi-Fi: the HP Wireless Optical Comfort Mouse, Wireless Laser Comfort Mouse, Wireless Mobile Mouse, Wireless Mini Keyboard, Ultrathin Wireless keyboard, and Wireless Elite v2 Keyboard. All of them connect through a 2.4GHz RF adapter and support HP's "Link-5" technology, which lets you use up to five compatible accessories with one receiver. This is similar to Logitech's "Unifying" receiver, which handles up to six devices. Pricing and availability is below:

  • HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse - $50 (June)
  • HP Wireless Optical Comfort Mouse - $30 (June)
  • HP Wireless Laser Comfort Mouse - $40 (June)
  • HP Wireless Mobile Mouse - $25 (June)
  • HP Wireless Mini Keyboard - $60 (available now)
  • HP Ultrathin Wireless Keyboard - $60 (available now)
  • HP Wireless Elite v2 Keyboard - $50 (July)