Virtualization has become a key area of development for Small Business and Enterprise computing environments over the last decade. Intel first incorporated dedicated hardware instructions for virtualization on x86 platforms with the Pentium 4 (VT-x) processors and today offers a wide range of solutions on its Xeon family and most recently the 2nd Gen Core vPro processors.

Today's sophisticated approach to virtualization combines both hardware and software, minimizing costs and complexity by consolidating multiple environments into a single server or PC. Virtualization enables businesses to get new applications into the hands of users more quickly and efficiently compared with deploying physical servers.

There are several small business solutions from Dell that can help you minimize the cost and complexity of virtualization. Dell's PowerEdge servers, with powerful Intel Xeon processors allow you to run multiple applications in a virtualized environment.

Key highlights of Dell's virtualization technologies:

  • The FlexMem Bridge technology, a Dell's exclusive, enables access of up to 32 DIMM slots --- double the memory capacity with no additional processor cost.
  • Dell PowerEdge servers offer big improvements on industry standard performance per watt benchmarks, as much as 200 percent better in some cases, over the previous generation.
  • The Dell fail-safe virtualization technology eliminates single point of failure by implementing dual internal SD modules.
  • Dell EqualLogic PS Series iSCSI SANs, combined with VMware High-Availability Failover Protection and vCenter Site Recovery Manager™ software, reduce the time that it takes to protect and recover data from hours to seconds.

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This is a sponsored post brought to you by Dell, as part of their promotion for virtualization-ready Dell PowerEdge servers powered by Intel Xeon and Intel Core vPro processors.