Study: IE users have lower IQs An online IQ assessment test was offered on our website. Most of the subjects came to the website either by organic searches from search engines, or advertisements put on various search engines for keywords targeting users who were looking for a free online IQ test. The test was offered only to visitors of a few English speaking countries namely USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Aptiquant (PDF)

Ubisoft: our DRM "is a success" We recently reported on how Driver: San Francisco will require a constant internet connection to play. It’s a controversial measure put in place to defend against piracy, and we don’t like it. We don’t like pirates either, mind. Speaking to us earlier today, a Ubisoft representative admitted that the developer has seen "a clear reduction in piracy of our titles which required a persistent online connection." PC Gamer

Windows XP PCs breed rootkit infections Machines running the decade-old Windows XP make up a huge reservoir of infected PCs that can spread malware to other systems, a Czech antivirus company said today. Windows XP computers are infected with rootkits out of proportion to the operating system's market share, according to data released Thursday by Avast Software, which surveyed more than 600,000 Windows PCs. Computerworld

Crytek working on new multiplatform shooter IP Crytek is diversifying its portfolio, continuing to work on games that don't have "Cry" in the title. Having shipped Crysis 2 recently, the company is working on a new multiplatform shooter IP, reports Supererogatory. Mention of the new IP comes from a LinkedIn profile, which mentions a "New IP, shooter genre, TBA title for Xbox360, PS3 and PC." Vague, but there you have it. Shacknews

PayPal hands over 1,000 IP addresses to the FBI, look out Anonymous PayPal was attacked by Anonymous last year when they had blocked the Wikileaks accounts transactions. Now PayPal has finally come up with enough evidence to strike back at Anonymous with the help of the FBI. PayPal has come up with a list of over 1,000 IP addresses left behind when they were attacked by Anonymous. TekGoblin

Foxconn to replace workers with 1 million robots in 3 years Taiwanese technology giant Foxconn will replace some of its workers with 1 million robots in three years to cut rising labor expenses and improve efficiency, said Terry Gou, founder and chairman of the company, late Friday. The robots will be used to do simple and routine work such as spraying, welding and assembling... Xinhua

Congress to take up Internet sales tax issue plaguing Amazon It looks like Amazon's dispute with states over collecting sales tax on online purchases will be taken up by Congress. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) is expected to introduce a bill that would allow states to require all retailers, including online stores and brick-and-mortar retailers, to collect sales tax, reports Politico. TechFlash

Investigation: Is your SSD more reliable than a hard drive? Does a lack of moving parts translate to higher reliability? That's the assumption many enthusiasts and IT professionals make about SSDs. We go straight to the data centers using these devices, dig into failure rate statistics, and suggest otherwise. Tom's Hardware

Ubuntu One hits the one million users mark -- upgrades free plan to 5 GB Roberta Nilerud of Canonical has announced that their cloud storage service – Ubuntu One – has hit the one million users mark. Ubuntu One is a cloud storage service from Canonical that is very tightly integrated into Ubuntu. Digitizor

Game developers hoping to launch Google+ games within weeks It’s no secret that Google is preparing an applications platform for its Google+ social network. Game developers say they’re looking forward to making games for the platform, which could launch within a matter of weeks. Venture Beat