Four more members of the now infamous "hacktivist" groups were arrested Friday in separate parts of the UK as part of a wider operation by UK and US Police enforcement authorities including the FBI.

The four suspects are believed to have been arrested at their homes in Doncaster, Warminster, Northampton and London. They are currently being questioned by the Agents from the Metropolitan Police Central e-Crimes Unit.

The multi-authority task force has been steadily rounding up members of LulzSec and Anonymous in recent months including the recent arrest of Peter Gibson we covered last week.

Police have detained two of the four arrested who have been named as Christopher Weatherhead, 20 of Northampton and Ashley Rhodes, 26 from Kennington near London. Both are due to appear before the Magistrates Court in Westminster on September 7.

Police have commented the other two arrested are a 20 year old from Wiltshire and a 24 year old from Doncaster for conspiring to commit offences under the Computer Misuse Act 1990.

Meanwhile, a mass court appearance of 14 suspected Anonymous members appeared before a Judge in San Jose, California. All of which strongly denied any involvement in the attacks on PayPal in December 2010.

This is despite Anonymous publicly declaring war on PayPal after they froze donations being made to the whistle-blowing website Wikileaks. Amazon also found themselves caught in the crossfire after kicking Anonymous off of their web hosting service.