The Linux Foundation discovered security breaches late last week on servers hosting and websites and other Linux related sub-domains.

The attacks are believed to be related to the breaches we reported on at the beginning of the month. As a precaution, the foundation has taken all servers offline while they investigate the intrusions although how they were compromised has not currently been released.

"The Linux Foundation made this decision in the best interest of extreme caution and security best practices," they commented in a statement released on

The non-profit group also took the opportunity to apologize for the inconvenience caused but wanted to reassure visitors they were taking the matter very seriously and hope to resume normal services very soon.

Users of the affected websites have been advised to assume passwords and SSH keys have been compromised and should be changed as soon as possible. "If you have reused these passwords on other sites, please change them immediately," they further commented.

All the server infrastructure of, and the services associated with them such as Open Printing, Linux Mark and Foundation events will remain offline while administrators complete reinstallation and verification of its servers.

Linux is increasingly facing attacks from hackers in response to what some will consider the rise in popularity of its operating system. In January, reports that the Fedora Project had been the victim of a hacker surfaced and these latest events are doing little to calm concerns made by its users.'s servers have also remained offline since the security breaches were discovered amid alarming concerns now being voiced in regards to the integrity of Git, its version management system.