Intel's Ivy Bridge architecture exposed Five years ago Intel announced its ambitious tick-tock release cadence. We were doubtful that Intel could pull off such an aggressive schedule but with the exception of missing a few months here or there tick-tock has been a success. On years marked by a tick Intel introduces a new manufacturing process, while tock years keep manufacturing process the same and introduce a new microprocessor architecture. To date we've had three tocks (Conroe, Nehalem, Sandy Bridge) and two ticks (Penryn, Westmere). Sampling by the end of this year and shipping in the first half of next year will be Intel's third tick: Ivy Bridge. Anandtech

Running Windows 8 Developer Preview in a virtual environment We are seeing in the forums that there is a lot of interest in running the Windows 8 Developer Preview in a virtual environment. Our telemetry systems reported that approximately one-third of the early installations are on virtual machines. We apologize for not giving guidance up front on testing the Windows 8 Developer Preview in virtual machines. This blog post will provide some background and information on that topic. MSDN Blogs

This is what started AMD's open-source strategy While AMD's open-source strategy was announced on Phoronix on 7 September 2007, it was on 17 September of the same year that the Novell/SUSE developers did their first public release of their xf86-video-radeonhd driver. This was the X.Org driver created by the Novell Linux engineers in months prior for R500 and R600 GPUs. Here is some special reading – a letter that was volleyed from Novell to AMD that kicked off this entire process... Phoronix

The (big) problem with RIM Research in Motion, by all accounts, had a terrible week. But things might get even worse. The Canadian technology company posted dismal quarterly earnings numbers, missing revenue and sales targets, while margins continued to shrink. The numbers earned RIM several downgrades while shedding nearly a quarter of its value on Friday – this after the company even undershot a previously issued warning. International Business Times

7 states join Justice Dept. suit to block AT&T deal Seven states, including California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois and New York, said Friday they had joined the Justice Department's efforts to block AT&T's $39 billion purchase of T-Mobile USA. Industry analysts and experts said that the state's involvement in the case added significant pressure to the effort to prevent the proposed sale – which many speculate may already be on the verge of collapse. NY Times

More securities lawyers circling HP One lawsuit has already been filed and more may be coming, as the number of securities law firms throwing their hats into the legal ring around Hewlett-Packard increases. In the wake of a proposed class action lawsuit, filed Sept. 13 in the U.S. District Court for Central California (complaint below), four more law firms have said they are launching their own investigations of HP. AllThingsD

CRTC tells Rogers to stop slowing down the speed of online games Canada's telecommunications regulator on Friday gave Rogers Communications Inc., mere days to come up with a plan to solve a problem that could be unfairly slowing down the speed of online games. In a letter to the telecom giant, the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission said... Calgary Herald

Microsoft's web server is losing ground: IIS market share back to 1997 levels Apache has been the most widely used web server on the Internet since the early days of the Web. It still is. The second-most popular web server has been, and still is, Microsoft's Internet Information Server, IIS. But Microsoft's web server is now losing ground. Royal Pingdom

Thin film transforms any surface into a massive multitouch screen Open up a cardboard tube, roll out a transparent film just millimeters thick, apply it on a flat object and *tada* you've got an interactive touch surface. Cambridge-based Visual Planet just launched its new massive-sized multitouch thin film drivers so you can create touchscreens from 30 to 167 inches in size! Singularity Hub

Verizon throttling its top 5% data hogs, doesn't affect 4G LTE or tiered data customers Back in February, there were reports of Verizon's plans to start throttling (data speeds reduced) or using "Network Optimization Practices" on their top data hogs (5%).  Policies like this clearly are not taken well by customers, however, until today we had heard very little about them. Droid Life

Joel Tenenbaum owes the RIAA $675,000 – again Joel Tenenbaum, the Boston University student whose file-sharing proclivities got him sued by the major music labels, owes them $675,000. Again. Tenenbaum's trial, the second such file-sharing trial in the country, ended with a $675,000 jury verdict against him... Ars Technica