Apple's iTunes is widely regarded as the service that spawned the legal music download industry. At a time when music piracy ran rampant on p2p networks, the platform served as the prime example that customers are willing to pay for content as long as they get a good buying experience at reasonable prices. Today there's no shortage of music services, with most recent launches falling in two camps: digital lockers or streaming services.

The first group includes the likes of Amazon, Google, and in a few weeks Apple, which basically let you upload your music collection to a server and access it from wherever you have an Internet connection for a yearly fee. The second includes companies like Spotify, Rdio, and MOG, which do away with the whole notion of owning songs altogether and just offer you access to anything in their catalog for free (with restrictions) or a small monthly fee.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages depending on what you're willing to pay, how you want to access music, and how big your music collection is. Today we want to know: where are you getting your music from these days? Have you subscribed to one of these services or at least tried out their free plans? If so, tell us which one and what has been your experience so far.