Apple's iPhone 5 will reportedly ship with 1GB of RAM in addition to the previously pegged A5 SoC found in the iPad 2. The additional memory and processing power will be required to operate one of Apple's biggest changes in the next-generation iPhone, according to 9to5Mac.

The new feature will be called Assistant and is based on Apple's acquisition of Siri, a developer from the App Store that had released a well-designed voice navigation app before being scooped up by Cupertino.

Sources say that Assistant takes the current Voice Control function to a whole new level, offering seemingly endless possibilities. Assistant can tap into many of the iPhone's other features to accomplish varying tasks.

For example, you can tell the program to make an appointment with John Smith for 5:00pm and Assistant will create an entry in the user's calendar. The Reminders and Maps applications are also available, meaning you could ask the phone how to get to the airport and it will pull up directions in Maps based on your current location.

The report also notes that Assistant can create SMS or iMessage texts for you. You could say "send a text to Shawn saying I am hungry," and Assistant will compose and send it for you. Of course, you can have Assistant read the translated text back to you before sending to ensure accuracy.

Assistant is said to work so accurately that you don't have to speak slowly, clearly or in a robotic tone. If it actually works as seamlessly as 9to5Mac describes, this could be a key marketing point for Apple. Being able to send texts or queue up directions without having to take your eyes off the road, for example, is promising.

Apple's Tim Cook is expected to introduce the next iPhone at a media event on October 4.