As you're undoubtedly aware, Battlefield 3 hasĀ entered public beta. Despite the various disappointing announcements (no Steam availability, no in-game server browser, timed PS3 exclusives, etc.) we still have high hopes for the game and we'll be checking the prerelease build out during tonight's Friday Night Fragfest.

How do I join?!

We'll be kicking off around 12AM Eastern. Naturally, you'll need an Origin account and the beta installed. We also recommend installing new BF3-optimized graphics drivers from AMD and Nvidia. From there, add me to your friends list (Zenosincks) and you should be able to join the server we are on through my profile.

Because EA's servers are being hammered by the masses, it might be tough for you to join. There's not much we can do about that. If you have any other issues finding your way into the game, feel free to ping me on Origin or Steam. We also welcome you to share your Origin screenname in the comments so we know who everyone is.