Last week, AMD revised its third quarter revenue forecast warning that manufacturing issues at GlobalFoundries had curbed supply of Llano processors. The company said they were throwing substantial resources at improving 32nm yields and that progress was being made. However, according to a report by DigiTimes citing sources from motherboard makers, the situation may not improve until sometime next year.

The site notes that AMD started suffering from Llano APU supply shortages in July due to yield issues. Although it originally expected things to go back to normal in September, DigiTimes' sources claim supply volume is unlikely to meet client demand through the end of 2011. What's more, they say that supply of 32nm APUs won't recover until AMD rolls out its next-generation Trinity chips in the first quarter of 2012.

As previously reported, Trinity APUs will first arrive as part of the Comal laptop platform and they'll co-exist for a quarter with the current Sabine platform powered by Llano chips. AMD's existing A60M and A70M Fusion Controller Hubs (FCH) will continue to be the base for new Trinity chips, meaning the refresh will be a drop-in upgrade for existing laptop designs.

On the desktop side they'll arrive as part of the Virgo platform. The mainstream parts will come with a Radeon HD 7000-series "Southern Islands" graphics refresh and will swap the "Husky" cores for "Piledriver" cores, which are enhanced variants of the new 32nm Bulldozer core found on the upcoming FX Series for desktops.