Server virtualization has become an increasingly important strategy for businesses of all sizes. It allows companies to gain more from what they already have, making one server act as multiple servers, or move from 20+ physical servers down to a few. This means less time spent on maintenance and less money spent on powering multiple servers.

This maximization of resources is one of the main reasons small businesses are considering virtualized environment, but there are also other benefits that come into play. In the data center, virtualization can speed development cycles and support faster resource deployment. If a virtual server has to take on an increased load, you can simply increase the resources allotted to it.

It also allows for easier disaster recovery and can extend the life of legacy applications built for very specific purposes, since older software can still run on virtual machines running the required operating system.

In a recent survey conducted among 650 small businesses worldwide, 70 percent of respondents showed an interest in virtualization, but less than 40 percent of them had actually deployed a virtual environment. For many small business owners the lack of knowledge and experience is often a barrier to get started on virtualization.

Your Virtualization Strategy

With this in mind Dell offers a Virtualization Advisor tool that can help identify solutions to fit your virtualization needs. This free online tool is designed as a guide for customers with some familiarity and knowledge of virtualization.

For those customers who prefer a more customized solution, Dell also offers remote consulting services to analyze your business' specific needs and operational considerations. Dell's PowerEdge servers and EqualLogic storage solutions can be tailored to meet your CPU, memory and I/O requirements for running multiple applications in a virtualized environment, including I/O-intensive database applications.

To run your virtualized server environment you may choose from a host of software solutions such as: VMware vSphere Essentials/Essentials Plus, Microsoft Windows Server with Hyper-V or Citrix XenServer. Additionally, you can have Dell ProManage-Managed Services proactively monitor your Virtualized IT environment 24x7x365 days a year. This will enable you to focus on running your business while Dell handles the rest.

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