Confirming months of hearsay, Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive have announced that the next installment of Grand Theft Auto is in the pipeline. The companies have posted a teaser page for the upcoming entry, aptly titled Grand Theft Auto V, but details are scant. As of writing, Rockstar's homepage displays the game's logo, which includes the Roman numeral "V" encircled by a banner with the word "Five."

It looks like what you'd expect to find on a bank note, but we're not sure what that means – if anything. Wikipedia's GTA V entry claims the logo is stylized after British currency, but we haven't been able to confirm that (feel free to comment if you can say otherwise). If true, perhaps that implies the game will be based in England, which would be somewhat of a first for the series (the original had two London expansions).

That doesn't seem particularly farfetched considering GTA has been primarily developed in the UK. Rockstar North (formerly DMA Design), Rockstar Lincoln (formerly Tarantula Studios), and Rockstar Leeds (formerly Mobius Entertainment) are all UK-based and have been responsible for producing virtually every GTA game, barring one Game Boy Advance title and the occasional help from US or Canadian studios.

Hopefully we'll know next Wednesday, November 2 when the company is expect to release the game's first trailer. Regardless of its setting, if past entries are any indication, GTA V will be one of the best-selling games of 2012 – assuming it isn't poised for a holiday 2011 release. GTA has been a big earner, selling more than 114 million units since 1997. GTA IV and its expansions alone have sold over 28 million copies.

A vast majority of those sales are on consoles as the PC versions of GTA undoubtedly receive less development attention and they tend to feel wonky with a keyboard and mouse. In fact, starting with GTA III, PC versions have routinely received lower review scores. GTA IV in particular had lousy optimization issues at launch. Besides smooth gameplay, what do you hope Rockstar's latest addition will bring to the franchise?