Not to be outdone by EA and their ban hammer tactics to handle cheaters in Battlefield 3, Infinity Ward has doled out bans of their own for Modern Warfare 3 cheaters to the tune of 1600+. Robert Bowling, part of Infinity Ward's creative strategist team, made the announcement via Twitter.

The tweet specifically says that any attempt to cheat, hack or glitch in Modern Warfare 3 will not be tolerated and that 1600+ bans have already been issued. Updates to fix various exploits are in the works and he encourages users to continue to report offenders.

As was the case with reporting cheaters in Battlefield 3, you'll be most effective if you can provide proof. This includes a screenshot or video evidence of someone cheating or glitching. Of course, since all stats are recorded, the team can verify and detect cheating without video evidence.

Furthermore, Bowling acknowledged that the severity of a ban is based on the level of cheating. Or as he put it in his own language, "every ban unique to the level of douchiness of the offense. The greater the douche the greater the length. PermaDouche possible."

Although 1600 bans sounds like a lot, it's hardly a drop in the proverbial bucket when you consider how many copies of the game have been sold; 6.5 million in the first 24 hours, bringing in over $400 million. Sales figures have since increased to $775 million over a five day period, although actual numbers sold weren't released.