The world's most underappreciated browser has reached a new milestone today, unloading the final version of 11.60. Codenamed "Tunny" (another name for the tuna fish), the latest revision brings a handful of new features along with various security and stability improvements. Although the company originally planned to offer version 12 as the next stable build, it has decided to make some of the new features available sooner with an interim release.

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Opera 11.60 is said to be quicker when opening or closing the software, it's faster on secure pages, it's more compatible with the Web, and the latest software uses less memory than its predecessors on "advanced web applications." Feature-wise, you'll find a revamped address bar that includes a Star button to instantly add pages to your bookmarks or Speed Dial, while the browser's email client has been overhauled with a cleaner, more intuitive design.

If you're bored on this uneventful Tuesday evening, Opera's spirited press release offers some cheap laughs. "Almost 50% of the world's population has never tried a new browser – people in your own town, maybe even someone you know. Why not help them discover something better this year? A new browser is a gift that keeps giving all year round," it claims, before offering some car analogies and a top ten list of reasons you should download Opera now.

Despite offering a snappy, feature-packed alternative to the usual suspects, Opera has failed to gain significant headway in the desktop market. Based on recent figures by StatCounter, the browser holds less than a 2% share worldwide, whereas Google's three-year-old contender has already surpassed Firefox. Chrome represents 25.7% of the market, up from just 4.66% two years ago, while Firefox has a 25.23% share and Internet Explorer holds over 40%.