Hacktivist group Anonymous reportedly claims to have stolen 200GB worth of email and credit card data in what is being called a weeklong, Christmas-inspired attack on multiple targets. The hacking movement plans to steal $1 million and give the money away as Christmas donations. That is, of course, depending on whom you believe.

Anonymous' first target was Strategic Forecasting, known as Stratfor, a US-based security think tank whose client list includes the US Air Force, the US Army and the Miami Police Department. An email to Reuters on Sunday indicates that the site's servers and email were suspended as soon as the breach was recognized. As of writing, Austin-based Stratfor's website is down "for maintenance" and a brief message encourages visitors to check back soon.

One of the victims, Alan Barr, was contacted by an AP reported to comment on the story but was unaware of the unauthorized charges to his credit card beforehand. According to Barr, all of the donations were to charities: the Red Cross, CARE and Save the Children.

The group also claims to have information from several other companies including banks, law enforcement agencies, defense contractors and tech companies including Apple and Microsoft.

To complicate matters, some outlets are claiming that Anonymous had nothing to do with this attack. A press release found here says the Stratfor hack is not the work of Anonymous. Posts on the @Anon_Central Twitter account claim the "hack is a desperate attempt to gain attention by anonops. We don't hurt the innocent and steal their credit cards". Yet posts from the Twitter feed of @AnonymousIRC seem to paint quite the opposite picture. TG Daily reports that the attack could be linked to Sabu of LulzSec fame.