Facebook is giving away Timeline personal cards for a limited time while supplies last in an effort to help users promote their profiles and a new partnership with moo.com. 200,000 sets of 50 cards each (5,000 per day) are being handed out absolutely free of charge on a first come, first serve basis.

Here's how you can get a set of Timeline cards for yourself.

1. Visit your Facebook Timeline profile.
2. Click the About link under the basic personal information section.
3. Navigate to the Contact Info section and mouse over the small business card icon.
4. You should see a message from Facebook that says, "We've partnered with moo.com to make it easy to print your very own set of custom business cards. The first box of cards is on us."
5. Click Print Cards to proceed.

With only 200,000 free sets of cards available, it'll likely be pretty tough to get a free set considering the site has over 800,000 million registered members. As such, you can optionally visit moo.com and order a set for yourself right away. Prices start at $15 for 50 cards including delivery.

The customizable Timeline cards may seem like a silly idea on first thought but print cards are a great way to network with new contacts, especially if you have a business of your own that you are looking to promote in a new and creative way. Thinking outside of the box is one of the best ways to garner attention for yourself.