The undisputed highlight of LG's CES press conference was the unveiling of its new TV, the world's first 55-incher to feature an organic light emitting diode (OLED) display. LG says the TV is 3D-ready, offers better viewing angles and delivers more natural color reproduction including richer blacks. "It's everything you want in a display," says LG's Tim Alessi.

If its amazing color reproduction doesn't stop you in your tracks, its miniscule 4mm thick design will, as will its featherweight 16.5-pound body. We don't have a price but it's likely to be spendy, even with the firm's promise of a much lower selling point than it would usually command at this size, but it'll be available in the U.S. by the third or fourth quarter.

The company also announced plans to add gesture and voice controls to its line of smart TVs. With a "smart" remote, users can use their voices to enter text when searching for content as well as physical movements to control various aspects of the set's functions. Plans are also in motion to incorporate a 3D gesture interface to track body movements allowing users to host games such as Fruit Ninja.

Even smart refrigerators shone in the spotlight at CES with models featuring smart managers that track food inside the fridge including warning of food expiry dates. The lists can be updated by adding the items they purchase at a store on a touchscreen or by scanning the receipt with a smartphone.

One very handy function is the ability to recommend food recipes based on contents within the fridge, as well as the ice blast feature that cools a canned drink in five minutes, or just eight minutes for a bottle of wine.