Due in a completed form next month, Starbreeze and EA are preparing to serve a healthy appetizer of its futuristic, espionage-filled first-person shooter with a lengthy four-player co-op demo. The Syndicate preview will allow you and three of your buddies to play one of the game's nine co-op missions (called "Western Europe") in its entirety with an objective to infiltrate a rival syndicate, Cayman Global.

Syndicate four-player co-op demo trailer

You'll have to eliminate a Colonel, nab some technology blueprints and force his people back across the Atlantic. Sounds like fun. Unfortunately, if we understand right, PC players will have to look on in envy, as the demo will only be available for a limited time starting this month on the Xbox Live Marketplace (gold members only) and PlayStation Network. No word on whether another demo will be on PC.

In more welcomed news, Good Old Games has announced that it will begin selling the original Syndicate (circa 1993) starting this Thursday. Pricing will be set at $6 – a fair deal, according to Co-Optimus, who says the isometric tactical shooter "ages well." GOG is also giving away copies of the game as part of a contest that calls for participants to create their own team name and method of operation:

Assemble your team of cyborgs, give us your Team Name, Method of Operation, and any other relevant information you'd like. Go on, spread your influence across the globe and tell us how.

1 free copy of Syndicate for the 10 posters who have the best Syndicate team. We'll be reading through all of your posts (Hello, discordiac, our new marketing manager who "volunteered" for this job!) and picking the ones that we like best.

1. Only one entry post per user. Feel free to comment & edit until the contest closes.
2. You may enter into similar contests that we are running on Twitter and Facebook, but only once via each different channel.
3. We will be picking 10 of our favorite teams from this thread to win their free copies of Syndicate.
4. The contest will end on Thursday the 19th of January 2012 at 7:00 AM EST.