Digital video game distributor Impulse, now owned by GameStop, has announced a new deal with developer and publisher Valve that will see some of the company's most popular PC games available for purchase through Impulse's digital service.

"Some of the greatest, most creative games of the past decade (and the one before that) are now available! Legendary developer/publisher Valve is now available! Whether you enjoy hitting things with crowbars, the power of gravity, making holes in walls or making large holes in the undead, Valve's games will suck you in and won't let you go! There's more quality game play here than you can shake a crowbar at," Impulse posted on its website when announcing the news yesterday.

It appears an odd choice at first glance considering the popularity of the Steam platform, but users purchasing Valve titles will still be required to download and run them through Steam, which means the gaming giant will get new users as well as earning a small percentage share of sales with one of its competitors.

Valve will limit some of the titles available through Impulse, although favorites like Left for Dead and Left for Dead 2 will be available for purchase. As will Portal 2, the sequel to the award winning Portal title which took the industry by storm, earning the developers over 70 industry awards and creating a cult-like following.

The complete Half Life series will also be offered, including all sequels and expansions for those wanting their fix of scientist Gordon Freeman as he pursues his mission to save the alien-infested Earth. The Half Life Complete collection also includes Valve's Team Fortress Classic title.

Also available will be their popular Orange Box bundle comprising Half Life 2, as well as Episodes 1 and 2, the original Portal game, and Team Fortress 2, which is now available as a free to play game through Steam.

Valve has not commented on whether they plan to offer more titles for Impulse users in the future.