Japanese Electronics giant Panasonic has been demonstrating its new WiGig SD memory cards this week, which the company claims it has developed for the past few years looking to provide users with a simple solution to short range, high-speed data transfers between devices.

The SD memory card features an embedded WiGig chip and antenna, which can be used to transmit videos between small electronic devices like tablets and phones to in-car TVs, or the TV in your living room.

The technology is still a little way off from being made available to the public, but Panasonic says it could transfer a DVD sized video in less than a minute using the 60Ghz spectrum, with the distance between the two devices limited to around one to three meters.

The company hopes to offer in-car solutions sometime next year, which would be considered ideal given the short range for the WiGig. By connecting to the computer in the car, it would also be possible to view vehicle data such as the tire pressures or current battery capacity on a portable device like a tablet or mobile phone.

It could also become an exciting feature for future mobile handsets as well. There is currently no word on pricing, or exact availability, but more news will appear in due course as the concept moves closer to production. WiGig won't replace current WiFi standards, but Panasonic is currently working on a number of solutions that would be considered ideal for taking advantage of gigabit transfer speeds at short distances.