Intel's upcoming My WiFi Dashboard utility will feature Wi-Fi Direct as well as other interesting options, according to a slide obtained by VR-Zone, which shows a screenshot of Intel's new WiFi software. With different functions presented around a sphere-like object, the overall design sends reminders of old motherboard utilities that were usually more visually striking than functional.

Hopefully that won't be the case here. The utility's Wi-Fi direct feature will allow users to connect wireless devices in much the same way as they would currently connect them to Bluetooth. This means they'll be able to transfer files between devices and synchronize them with ease.

Intel also implemented a chat function, which presumably will work in a peer-to-peer mode via wireless between devices. Very little is available in the way of information though. It could prove useful for communicating with colleagues with whom you might not have added to your existing chat services.

Another of the more interesting features is the option to create a WiFi hotspot, something that rarely makes its way into wireless enabled computers these days. Though easy to use third-party tools for this have been around for a while, it is refreshing to see more options for wireless interaction.

Intel has not confirmed when it plans to release the new My WiFi Dashboard software, but it is likely it will make its way to the masses by the time its highly anticipated Ivy Bridge processor lineup arrives in April.