The hactivist group Anonymous claims to have intercepted and recorded a conference call between the FBI and the British police cybercrime division Scotland Yard that took place on January 17. Anon has since released an audio recording of the roughly 15-minute long conversation online.

The first six minutes of the conversation consists of banter between parties on the call. After that, however, the two groups begin discussing a hacker plot called "Project Mayhem" which, as ironic as it is, is a strategy for bringing down Anonymous. The only problem is that members of Anonymous were eavesdropping the whole time.

The two groups specifically discuss setting back arrests of members known as "Kayla" and "Tee-flow", getting Ryan Cleary's indecent images which were found by the USAF who examined his hard drive and 15-year-old "Tehwongz" who claims to have hacked 32,000 Steam user names and logins along with credit card details. Tehwongz is described as "a pain in the bum" and the face behind CSL Sec (Can't Stop Laughing Security).

It appears that Anonymous was able to gain access to the conference call via an email that was intercepted from an FBI agent that was intended for international law enforcement agencies. The email reportedly contained a phone number and password for accessing the call.

FBI spokesperson Tim Flannelly told that the information was illegally obtained and a criminal investigation is underway. An FBI source further tells the news site that no classified information was made available on the call and that unsecured phones aren't used when dealing with sensitive information.