Philips has announced their 2012 television line-up highlighted by the Philips 6000 and 7000 series (PFL6007 and PFL7007) units that support dual-view gaming. The feature will allow two players to see different images on the same display, effectively rendering current "split-screen gaming" a thing of the past.

The televisions utilize 3D technology to essentially play a trick on the human eye. With both players wearing special 3D glasses, one player only sees images from the left side of the screen while the other gamer only sees images from the right side. The beauty of the system is that it expands the half-screen view for each gamer so they see a full-screen image as they would if they were playing by themselves.

Furthermore, this eliminates screen cheating in first-person shooters or other competitive titles where seeing your opponent's HUD would give you an advantage.  

As Pocket-lint points out, the feature is much the same to what Sony did with their PlayStation 3D Display last year and at least somewhat similar in theory to Sharp's plans way back in 2005. However you look at it, it doesn't make the technology any less impressive, especially for those who have not seen it yet.

Philips plans to launch the 6000 and 7000 series units in sizes from 32-inches up to 55-inches. The units should hit retail shelves sometime in Q2 although pricing has yet to be determined.

Do you think dual-view televisions will change how people play games and watch programming or is it just another fad that will be short-lived?