Folks who couldn't muster the courage to install AMD's "pre-certified" driver can now download a Microsoft-approved version. Catalyst 12.2 brings several worthwhile updates over the last stable release, though there doesn't seem to be any changes from last month's pre-certified build -- that includes a lack of support for the Radeon HD 7000 series on Windows XP, so you'll need Vista or 7.

Download Catalyst 12.2 WHQL (release notes)
Desktop: Windows XP | Windows Vista/7 32-bit | Windows Vista/7 64-bit
Mobile: Windows Vista/7 32-bit | Windows Vista/7 64-bit

Catalyst 12.2 totes bug fixes for games including Tom Clancy's HAWX, Modern Warfare 3, Dragon Age 2, Battleforge, Bad Company 2, StarCraft II, Arkham City, Crysis Warhead, World of Warcraft and Dirt 3. Various bugs involving Blu-ray playback have also been squashed, while a few new glitches pertaining to Alan Wake and Skyrim have been added to the release notes since the pre-certified version.

Along with adding support for super sampling anti-aliasing in DX10 and 11 applications, Catalyst 12.2 improves Eyefinity 2.1 by enabling custom resolutions, dynamic configuration changes (physically plugging/unplugging displays will automatically load the right profile), HydraVision enhancements (the Windows Taskbar can now be moved and resized), and various tweaks to the Profile Manager.

The latest Radeons aren't fully supported on Windows 8 yet either, though AMD promises that in the coming weeks. Other GPU generations can use last week's Catalyst Driver 8.93.7 RC10 to tap into WDDM 1.2, which includes native Stereo 3D support for full screen and windowed gaming, optimized screen rotation and power consumption, as well as improved sleep and resume performance.

Download Catalyst Driver 8.93.7 RC10 (release notes)
Desktop/Mobile: Windows 8 32 and 64-bit