Whether or not Mass Effect 3's controversial conclusion actually left gamers unsatisfied, players can all agree on one thing – public contempt for the ending has been loud and impossible to ignore. To answer the concerns of its fan base, BioWare has confirmed it is working toward addressing complaints with the ending through what it describes as "game content initiatives".

Claiming to be "genuinely surprised" about sharp criticism in regards to Mass Effect's finale, Dr. Ray Muzyka (BioWare co-founder) said ME3's executive producer's team is working on answering questions and clarifying concerns. What these "game content initiatives" will be is anyone's guess.

Dr. Muzyka points out that Mass Effect 3's release was unprecedented and over 75 critics gave it a "perfect" rating. Take that as you will, but Metacritic shows an average score of 93% amongst critics while user scores plumb depths only seen by real stinkers – a 3.9 out of 10. Heck, even DNF has a higher user score than that.

Could the omission of a cathartic ending truly be responsible for such a player-critic divide? It certainly does seem to be the everyman's complaint. However, some disgruntled ME3 players have resorted to personal attacks against writers, developers and the community at large. Such attacks and deconstructive criticism have stemmed not only from the unfavorable ending, but controversial plot decisions involving a transgender character and homosexuality.

Dr. Muzyka makes it clear that any additions or changes made will be purely for fans and not merely to placate trolls. Haters, consider yourselves warned.