Nvidia's new desktop GPU flagship, the GeForce GTX 680, is certainly getting most of the attention from PC enthusiats and gamers today but the company is also taking the wraps off a whole range of products aimed at the notebook market. We already knew about the GeForce GT 640M that will be shipping inside the Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M3, and now Nvidia is detailing the rest of the lineup from top to bottom.

The GeForce 600M series features a die shrink and a couple of rebrands as we've become accustomed in the past, but  there is a fair bit of Kepler technology across the board as well. Here's how the new lineup looks:

  GPU CUDA Cores GPU Clock Memory bus (bits) Memory Memory
GeForce GTX 675M 40nm GF114 384 620MHz 256 up to 2GB GDDR5 96GB/s
GeForce GTX 670M 40nm GF114 336 598MHZ 192 up to 3GB GDDR5 72GB/s
GeForce GTX 660M 28nm GK107 384 835MHZ 128 up to 2GB GDDR5 64GB/s
GeForce GT 650M 28nm GK107 384 735/850MHz 128 up to 2GB DDR3
or GDDR5
up to 64GB/s
GeForce GT 640M 28nm GK107 384 up to 625MHZ 128 up to 2GB DDR3
or GDDR5
up to 64GB/s
GeForce GT 640M LE 40nm GF108 or 
28nm GK107
96 or up
to 384
762MHz or up to 500MHz 128 up to 2GB DDR3
or GDDR5
up to 50.2 or 28.8GB/s
GeForce GT 635M 40nm GF116 144/96 Up to 675/753MHz up to 192 up to 2GB GDDR5 up to 43.2GB/s
GeForce GT 630M 28nm/40nm GF108 144/96 up to 525/672MHz 128 up to 2GB GDDR5 up to 28.8GB/s
GeForce GT 620M 28nm GF108 96 up to 625MHZ up to 128 up to 1GB DDR3 up to 28.8GB/s
GeForce 610M 40nm GF119 48 up to 900MHZ 64 DDR3 Up to 14.4GB/s

As you can see, the GeForce 675M and 670M are essentially the same as the previous generation GTX 580M and 570M – with a minor clock bump from 575MHz on the latter. Nvidia will likely release a GTX 680M model in the future to lead its mobile range but for now the faster Kepler-based option is the GTX 660M.

There's some flexibility with the core counts and clock speeds with Nvidia quoting only 'up to' values for some models. Adding to the confusion, the GeForce GT 640M LE and GeForce GT 630 will be offered in both 40nm and 28nm GPU variants. It's unclear how we're going to be able to tell them apart in the marketplace until Nvidia eventually phases out all 40nm parts in favor of the newer 28nm process.

The GeForce 600M family supports the company's Optimus technology, which optimizes battery life by powering the GPU only when it's needed, Verde notebook drivers for frequent performance and stability updates, Nvidia's PhysX engine, optional 3D Vision and 3DTV Play, and SLI configs for a performance boost.

Most of these mobile graphics chips won't see the light of day until manufacturers start shipping new notebooks with Intel Ivy Bridge processors, although Nvidia notes that many OEMs' are already offering 600M-series GeForces in Sandy Bridge notebooks. The list of notebook manufacturers using Nvidia graphics include Acer, Alienware, Asus, Dell, Gigabyte, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Samsung, Toshiba, and Vizio.