New features and updates continue to roll out for the world's largest social network as Facebook has now made it possible to view user-uploaded photos in a high resolution format that can fill the entire screen.

The new photo viewer features were introduced on the official Facebook blog earlier today. The viewer will now display a photo in the highest possible resolution and on a large display, this can be up to four times bigger than before. Users can further expand the image to take up the full screen by clicking the arrows at the top right corner of a photo. This will hide the comment bars and show only the image on the screen.

Rolling over the bottom of the viewer gives users the ability to tag people, add location, change date, rotate the image and so on.

The ability to upload higher resolution photos to Facebook has been available for some time by ticking a small check box during the upload process but until now, there wasn't any compelling reason to do so. Some users (myself included) felt that the high resolution photo option actually made images look worse by introducing noticeable noise to pictures. This latest update, however, makes everything right as photos look much better, at least in my opinion.

The new features are active now for Firefox and Chrome - no word on if Internet Explorer or other browsers will get the high-res treatment down the road.