AT&T is now allowing users to unlock their iPhones through iTunes. Those wanting to unlock their iPhone through a legitimate process must first meet a number of requirements from the service provider.

AppleInsider outlines the process that several customers went through in order to complete the process. After dialing 611 to speak to a customer service rep, they were then transferred to a technician that asked a series of question to see if their handset / account qualified for the unlock.

When approved, users were instructed to connect their phone to a Mac or PC, open iTunes, perform a backup and then restore the phone to unlock the handset. If successful, the customer is greeted with the following message: “Unlock Complete. Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked. To set up and sync this iPhone, click Continue.”

To qualify for the AT&T unlock, your iPhone must be out of contract – typically over after two years from the date of purchase if subsidized. Users can alternately opt to pay an early termination fee to break contract and perform the unlock. The account in question also needs to be in good standing at the time of the procedure.

Unlocked phones are desirable when traveling abroad as owners can take advantage of a local carrier’s GSM wireless network rather than paying expensive rates through AT&T. Breaking a contract early really only makes sense if it would be cheaper to do so rather than incur billing charges when roaming overseas. Rivals Sprint and Verizon Wireless allow customers to unlock their iPhones even while under contact.