I've signed up to many, many websites in my years online. In fact, just checking my password manager I found that I've registered to 89 different websites, even though I only use a handful of those with frequency. That got me thinking it's time to clean up a bit and close some accounts. Also, why not make it this week's Weekend Open Forum topic?

Today we want to know: what's the longest-standing online user account that you still use? I know for a lot of people it'll probably be their email service, but in my case I switched to Gmail in June 2004 and abandoned my old Hotmail address for good.

I can't say with complete certainty, but from the ones I still use semi-regularly it's probably Amazon's (first purchase on record is April, 28 2004). Other accounts that I'm sure predate this but I don't use anymore include MercadoLibre (Latin America's eBay), my university email and a Yahoo account I used for spammy websites. Tell as about yours! Bonus points if you know how many websites you are registered at.

Old man image via Shutterstock