Facebook is joining the likes of Apple, Google and several others by introducing what they call the App Center. The App Center will be the central place for all things apps, giving developers the opportunity to peddle their wares for profit to more than 900 million Facebook users.

As a developer, success of your app will be tied to a number of various quality metrics. If your software receives positive ratings and has a healthy user engagement, it will be listed prominently in the App Center. Those receiving poor feedback or ones that don’t meet the quality guidelines won’t be featured. Devs will have access to a ratings metric to monitor app success over time.

Developers are also encouraged to create an app detail page as it’s a requirement for being listed in the App Center. Users will be able to visit an app’s page before downloading to learn more about it. These should be submitted before May 18 to have priority consideration for the App Center at launch.

Facebook already provides developers with in-app purchases but now, any app can become a paid app. The model will allow developers to set a flat fee in order to download their app. Those interested can check out the beta program here.

The App Center will be accessible through mobile outlets via Android and iOS as well as on the web using a computer. Users can expect to see the App Center become available over the next few weeks.