Rumors of an "Apple TV" have persisted for many years now, but recently we've all been hearing an increasing number of hints that such a device may soon materialize. Thanks to a presumable slip-up from Foxconn chief Terry Gou, we now have unofficial confirmation that Apple is indeed planning a television, or "iTV", if you will.

Gou's gaff coincides nicely with rumors from last year which indicate an "iTV" might launch in Q2 and Q3 of 2012. Those rumors sprouted from information brought to light by Digitimes, an industry voyeur who keeps close tabs on overseas suppliers and electronics manufacturers.

By the way, I'll keep putting "iTV" in quotes since this name will be an unlikely choice for Apple. A British broadcaster by the same name has warned Apple that ITV is off-limits, so Apple may have to be a bit more creative than usual.

Gou added that development hadn't actually begun at the factory; moreover, Foxconn is simply preparing its facilities to produce the device.

Merely a week ago, sources from Cult of Mac claimed to have actually seen an Apple HDTV prototype. Those sources said the "iTV" will look very much like the company's current line up Cinema Displays, only much larger.

So, what might an "iTV" look like? Current information suggests we'll see 32-inch and 37-inch TV sets which will stream movies and shows through Apple's increasing number of media content deals. Such a television is expected to tie into Apple's iCloud service and be "far more than a TV", featuring apps, a gaming center, Siri voice-activation, an iSight camera and other tablet-like features.

Cnet kindly provides an exhuastive list of rumors, but little is known for sure other than the fact Gou claims Foxconn is working on one.