Mac OS X 10.8, otherwise known as Mountain Lion, isn't ready for prime time just yey. However, as often is the case, developers have been enjoying preview builds for some time now. As it turns out though, the latest update for Mountain Lion Preview 3 has revealed a new feature which most Mac enthusiasts are likely appreciate: automatic app downloads.

What exactly is automatic app downloading? Apple will push out Mac App Store purchases to all of the user's Mac computers without the need for manual downloading or installation. For example, if a user purchases and installs Evernote on their Macbook Air, Evernote will also be automagically downloaded and installed to their iMac. Magic.

This is not unlike what Apple does for iOS already. It also serves as another example of the iOSification of Mac OS X. Some claim iOSification is inevitable; some wholly embrace it while others cringe at the thought. One thing is certain though – we're seeing more and more iOS-inspired features seep into Mac OS X than the reverse. Like it or not, changes to Mac OS like Mail's simplified email account setup, iCloud and twitter integration, the Airport Utility's new look and even the introduction of an app store at all are great examples of this.

9to5Mac reports they've had some problems getting the feature to work properly, but let's not forget 10.8 is still in preview status. They suspect automatic app downloads will be fully functional in a fourth preview before the gold master release lands.

Mountain Lion is expected to arrive in time for a summer launch; however, rumor has it that 10.8 may even be poised for an early release. We all know how those rumors are, though.