Blizzard community manager "Nethaera" has published a post on the official Diablo III forums that outlines all of the hotfixes implemented thus far in the game. The messenger also delivers news regarding server instability and the fact that Blizzard has postponed the launch of the real-money auction house indefinitely.

The full list of hotfixes can be found via this Diablo III blog post but take notice: unless you've completed the game on Normal difficulty, some of the hotfixes described could contain spoilers. That said, GameSpy points out that the biggest character changes are to the Monk. A couple of this character's active skills have been nerfed, rendering him "far less indestructible."

Blizzard also talks about general service stability and occasional server maintenance. Unfortunately issues still persist as additional maintenance will be required. The team is planning to release a patch next week to address client issues and fix additional bugs.

As for the real-money auction house, it's been postponed indefinitely. The feature was originally supposed to launch on May 22 but was then pushed back to May 29. In today's update, Blizzard says that they want to provide everyone with the smoothest experience possible when the auction house launches and right now, they need more time to iron out the wrinkles to make that happen.

Blizzard again notes that the string of account thefts has nothing to do with a compromise in their system and in every case they have investigated, the thief had the user's password. Gamers are encouraged to utilize safe computing practices and use a physical Authenticator or the Mobile Authenticator app.