Manufacturers and end users alike will soon have another reason to want to jump on the Ultrabook bandwagon. Intel has come to an agreement with Devicescape that will permit qualifying portables to automatically connect to wireless networks through Intel’s Smart Connect technology.

The deal will allow Ultrabooks to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots even while in standby mode. For example, if an Ultrabook owner were passing by a coffee shop that offered free Wi-Fi with their system in standby mode in their backpack, the system could connect and check for new email or update their Twitter and RSS feeds automatically.

Without getting too technical, Devicescape uses a special DNS query that allows a system to log onto a Wi-Fi network automatically without being subjected to a login screen or provider advertising. The service uses already-free networks that are popping up in large cities across the country - essentially it’s a convenience factor.

Security risks would likely be a concern for many but thankfully the technology can be disabled should the user choose to do so.

Devicescape already has over 50 customers but as Reg Hardware highlights, signing an agreement with Intel is a big deal. Furthermore, it seems that Intel is simply playing the field to see how well the technology is received by end-users. If things go well, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Chipzilla move forward and possibly try to acquire the smaller company.

It’s worth pointing out that the agreement specifically excludes Intel handsets, at least for the time being. That could all change if Intel ultimately buys Devicescape.