Tech blogger Robert Scoble started a mini whirlwind yesterday when he posted on this Google+ page that senior vice president of mobile at Google Andy Rubin was preparing to leave the company. Scoble noted that the Android expert would be joining a new startup called CloudCar, although he couldn't dig up any information on the new company.

Those rumors turned out to be completely false, says Rubin. He took to Twitter in an extremely rare post (only his eleventh since joining the site in 2010) where he noted there were no plans to leave Google.

To further solidify his position within the Android team, he said that there are over 900,000 devices activated each day running Google's mobile operating system. This is an increase of about 50,000 daily activations since he last mentioned it in February at MWC.

Rubin further explained how the rumor about CloudCar got started in a Google+ posting of his own. CloudCar and Revel Touch are both companies that Rubin is friends with and provides free office space to at his incubator in Los Altos.

Scoble has since made another post where he thanked Rubin for clarifying the rumor and said he would see him at Google I/O, a developer's conference that starts on June 27 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco (the same place that Apple is holding their annual WWDC). Google's event runs for three days with tickets selling for $900 each in advance.