According to Android Authority, a representative from Asus has unofficially confirmed the imminent launch of an official Google tablet. There are still few facts known about the much rumored slate, but if Android Authority's source is correct, we are likely to see it debuted at Google I/O which begins June 27. Additionally, this jibes with Eric Schmidt's original six month time frame for a tablet that he claimed will rival Apple and all others.

We learned Asus partnered with Google last month. Although little else is known, rumors suggest the tablet – possibly branded as the Nexus 7 – will feature a 7-inch 720p display, a speedy 1.3GHz Tegra 3 processor with an ultra-low power GeForce GPU and an attractive sub-$250 price tag. 

The upcoming tablet is also expected to run Android 4.1, code named "Jelly Bean". As of now, the latest stable build of Android available is 4.0.4, otherwise known as Ice Cream Sandwich. Being a Nexus tablet, users can probably expect to have a "pure" Android experience with the Nexus 7.

During talks with the insider, Android Authority also learned that Asus is working toward getting its tablet-smartphone hybrid, the Padphone, in the hands of U.S. cellular customers. It has been and continues to be a slow process though, according to the source. AT&T appears to be the only company willing to give it a shot.

The Asus Padphone is a fascinating if unusual product. The "tablet" part is essentially a full-featured dock which contains its own screen, battery and ports. When a user inserts their phone into a modular bay in the back of the device, the tablet-like dock comes alive as a full-fledged tablet. 

Undoubtedly the Voltron of tablets, the convergence of pad and phone also provides the added bonus of charging your smartphone battery and utilizes its data connection for web access.