Asus unofficially confirms Google tablet, Padphone coming to U.S.


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According to Android Authority, a representative from Asus has unofficially confirmed the imminent launch of an official Google tablet. There are still few facts known about the much rumored slate,...

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"the convergence of pad and phone also provides the added bonus of charging your smartphone battery and utilizes its data connection for web access."

Wonder how providers that don't allow tethering will view these devices :)


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thats exactly why no providers want to carry it

"AT&T appears to be the only company willing to give it a shot"


That's nothing new. Motorola released the laptop beginning of last year that does exactly what this is suppose to do.


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Wait, so is the padphone more of a (traditional) computer than the tablet itself. That's what the diagram makes it seem like, If you want to unreasonably criticize it :)