The latest version of Mozilla's popular mobile browser is now available for download in the Google Play store for Android devices. Firefox 14 isn't filled to the brim with new features but there is enough on tap for most users to take note.

The organization claims users can expect a snappier mobile browser, from startup and page load times to panning and zooming. This includes running mobile web apps such as Mozilla's BrowserQuest game. They further highlight that the latest revision is much faster than the stock Android browser, citing benchmark results from Sunspider and an in-house app called Eideticker. A sample test result shows Firefox 14 to be more than three times faster than the default Android offering.

There's also a new streamlined look that includes a personalized start page. Awesome Screen, a function that is powered by Firefox Sync, brings all of your bookmarks, passwords and browsing history from your computer to your smartphone. Mozilla has additionally optimized other features like tabbed browsing and add-ons for a more desktop-like experience.

Firefox 14 for Android further supports Flash for a broader range of web content compatibility and new HTML5 capabilities ensure continued website and app support into the future.

The Verge points out that these features have been available to Firefox Beta for Android users for a while now but for the rest of us, they are finally available as part of a stable build.